An Overview

, established as Vanguard Studios in 1927, has a rich heritage of many decades of professional expertise in the field of art and photography behind it. Its twin assets are Sky-high reputation and growing, satisfied clientele, big and small.

Vanguard, today, is a diversified group with the main activities being:

  • Plastic Card Systems

  • Time and Access Control Systems

  • Time and Office Management Systems

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Civil Construction

Our Motto


With this motto, our endeavor is to constantly improve our products and services and meet the requirements of our esteemed clients and stay a step ahead of all competition.

We at Vanguard believe that the quality of the raw material is critical to ensure quality of the end product. Moreover, with plastic cards finding applications in Security Systems the raw material quality becomes critical. We are constantly evaluating and developing various materials on parameters like flexibility, durability, printability and ease of embossing.

We use high-quality imported printing inks specifically of Plastic Card printing. The improved raw material can be used for applications which require pin-point accuracy and precision, like Credit Cards, Security Cards, ATM Cards, etc.