What we offer...

We offer the following software applications as a part of our Integrated System solution:

Security System:

  • 99% bug-proof system
  • A computer system with a Magnetic Swipe Card Reader has to be installed at every entry point.
  • The member has to swipe the magnetic card to establish his/her identity.
  • The member details are displayed on the computer screen.
  • Special provisions can be made for guests and visitors.
  • Using the online system, the member can be easily located in the club
    and whether he or she has left the club can also be determined.
  • Allied systems can be designed for clubs, restaurants, etc.

Billing System:

  • Ideally suited for clubs offering multiple facilities to its members like Swimming, Gymnasium, Badminton, Boating, Restaurant, etc.

  • The software generates monthly bills on the members depending on the services the members avail.

  • Cards for guests are linked to a member and the charges for the services used by the guest are debited to the respective member's account

  • The guest cards will have a pre-defined life after which it will get deactivated.

  • A debit card system based on similar lines can be implemented at restaurants, bars, cafe, etc.

Payroll System:

  • The software has been developed to cater the needs of HRD / Personnel Department of companies

  • The package calculates the salary / wages at the end month.

  • The other standard features include:
    - Employee (staff/ Workers) Salary / Wages Parameters
    - In-Time / Out-Time , Present / Absent or Pay Slip Entry
    - Salary Calculation based on various allowance and deductions
    - Pay Slip Printing
    - Salary Register
    - Muster Roll

Note: Due to constant innovation, product specifications and features are subject to change without prior notice.